How Do I Know Which Size Rug to Purchase?

  • Measure the size of your room and map out where your new rug will sit within the space with either tape or newspaper.

  • Understand where your furniture will sit and what floorspace you would like to cover.

  • Establish a maximum and a minimum size that the room can accommodate. If you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up provided your room can accommodate it. Make sure the rug looks balanced within the room. 

  • When measuring, make sure you account for any doors that open into the space. 

  • If you're still in doubt, take a photo of the entire room and use our Room Visualiser tool here to see how a Lore rug would look in your home  

 Living Room

  • To achieve the Lore look, we recommend placing at least the front legs of your furniture on your rug. 

  • As a general rule, your rug should be at least 60cm longer than your sofa, allowing for 30 cm each side. 


  • To achieve the Lore look, we recommend placing your rug halfway up the bed. Allow a small distance from your bedside lockers and make sure that when you step out of bed that your feet land on the rug.

  • Always run the length of your rug under your bed widthways.

  • For a luxurious feel and, provided the bedroom is large enough, your rug should be 120cm wider than your bed, allowing for 60 cm each side. 

Dining Room

  • When measuring your dining area, make sure to pull out each chair as if you are about to sit down. Measure the length of your table and chairs in this position. Your rug must be large enough to cover this area comfortably. 

Hallway - Corridor and Expansive Spaces

  • If you have a large space, a rug size is best. Make sure you centre the rug in the space. 

  • If your hallway is long and narrow, make sure you choose the longest runner size available allowing clearance for your front door to open. 


  • Our machine-washable, stain-resistant rugs are ideal for use in busy kitchens. If placing a runner next to your kitchen island, make sure the runner is approximately the length of the island without jutting out on either side.