Styling the Tara Rug

Styling the Tara Rug

Discover the Tara Rug, a standout piece from the Fable Collection. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and cosy reading nooks, this modern rug inspired by traditional styles brings warmth and cosiness to any home. Crafted with a colour palette of ivory, sage green and gold, the Tara Rug creates a sense of calm and serenity. Its colour ways add warmth and depth, effortlessly blending with various interior décors.

The Elegance and Practicality of the Tara Rug

The Tara Rug, part of our exquisite Fable Collection, effortlessly combines elegance and practicality, making it an ideal choice for modern homes. This traditional style rug brings style and sophisticated charm to any space while being incredibly practical for everyday living.

Durability and Practicality

Designed with busy homes in mind, the Tara Rug boasts impressive longevity. Made from a blend of cotton, polyester and viscose, it offers a soft feel underfoot without compromising on resilience. The rug is machine washable, stain-resistant and liquid-repellant, ensuring it will remain a beautiful and functional part of your home for years to come. These features make it particularly suitable for households with pets and small children, where spills and messes are a daily occurrence. 

Versatility in Home Décor

One of the standout features of the Tara Rug is its versatility. Its colour palette allows it to seamlessly integrate into a variety of colour schemes and interior styles. Whether your home leans towards a more traditional aesthetic or embraces contemporary appeal, this elegant rug enhances and complements your home.

Perfect Spaces for the Tara Rug

The Tara Rug is an incredibly versatile piece that enhances various areas in your home.

Bedrooms: Transform your bedroom into a peaceful haven with the Tara Rug. Its colour palette creates a calming atmosphere, perfect for winding down after a long day. Place the rug under your bed to frame the space and add a layer of warmth and comfort. Pair it with natural materials like linen and cotton for a cohesive look that emphasises relaxation and serenity.


Living Rooms: In the living room, the Tara Rug serves as a stylish focal point. Its traditional appeal makes it a versatile addition to both traditionally styled and contemporary décor. Position the rug under your coffee table to anchor the space and create a visual focal point.

Reading Nooks: Create a cosy and inviting reading nook with the Tara Rug. Its earthy tones and soft texture make it the perfect addition to a corner where you can unwind with a good book. Pair the rug with a comfortable armchair, a throw, and some plump cushions to make the space even more welcoming.


Hallways: The Tara Rug is also an excellent choice for entryways and hallways. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the heavy foot traffic often associated with these areas. Placing a runner version of the Tara Rug in your hallway can create a welcoming pathway that guides guests into your home.

Enhancing Your Home Aesthetic with the Tara Rug

The Tara Rug from our Fable Collection is not just a practical addition to your home; it’s also a stunning piece that can significantly enhance the aesthetic of your home. Its design make it an incredibly versatile rug that complements various colour schemes and styles. Here’s how you can make the most of the Tara Rug to elevate your interior spaces.

Complements a Variety of Colour Schemes

One of the standout features of the Tara Rug is its ability to seamlessly blend with different colour schemes. For instance, in a living room with a grey sofa, the ivory tones of the rug create a cohesive and calming effect, while the sage green and gold add a touch of warmth. On the other hand, in a room with a tan sofa and navy walls, the rug’s muted colours offer a subtle contrast that highlights the richness of the surrounding hues. This versatility means you can refresh your décor over time without the need to replace the rug, making it a perfect investment for your home.

Styling Tips

To maximise the impact of the Tara Rug in your home, consider these styling tips:

● Natural materials: pair the rug with natural materials such as linen, cotton and wood to emphasise its colour scheme. In a bedroom, for example, use linen bedding and wooden furniture to create a harmonious and serene environment.
● Layering textures and tones: enhance the visual interest of your space by layering the Tara Rug with other textures and tones. Add a throw on your sofa, or incorporate cushions in complementary shades. This layering technique adds depth and warmth to your home, making the room feel more inviting.
● Creating focal points: use the Tara Rug to create a focal point in your room. In the
living room, position it under a coffee table to anchor the space and draw attention to your seating area.

Room Visualiser Tool

To help you envision how the Tara Rug will look in your space, we recommend using our Room Visualiser tool. This innovative feature allows you to compare two rugs side by side in the same room setting, making it easier than ever to decide on the perfect match for your home.

How to Use the Room Visualiser Tool

1. Upload a photo: start by uploading a photo of the room where you plan to place the rug. This gives you a real-time preview of how the Tara Rug will look in your actual space.
2. Select rugs for comparison: choose the Tara Rug and another rug you're
considering. The tool will display them side by side in your room photo, allowing you to compare their colours, patterns, and how they complement your existing decoration.
3. Adjust and visualise: move and adjust the rugs within the photo to see how they fit in different areas of the room. This interactive feature helps you make an informed decision, ensuring you choose the rug that best suits your style and space. With the Room Visualiser tool, you can confidently select the perfect rug, knowing it will look perfect in your home.

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