Lore Folk: Kate Hobbins-Lockett

Lore Folk: Kate Hobbins-Lockett

A difficult question to answer, but “timeless, modern-organic with a touch of cottage-core thrown in” is how Interior Designer Kate Hobbins-Lockett describes her personal style. With a background in merchandising, photography and home staging, a career in Interior Design was a natural progression for Kate.  

 Curating considered spaces, Kate has cultivated a design ethos that is focused with longevity in mind. Carving out functional spaces, she embodies her client’s style, creating a home that serves as a safe haven for them to retreat to. 

 Having recently purchased her first home, Kate is in the process of applying these practices to her own space. We sat down with Kate and chatted through her meaning of home, design trends and what’s in store for 2024. 

Tell us about yourself and your home.

We’ve just bought our first home. I never really saw myself in a new build but with the option of more space and security for our family, we couldn’t say no! My home has always been my creative, safe space so having it be as visually appealing yet constantly evolving is important to me. Moving house a lot in my early days has meant that I crave spaces that feel like a sanctuary. I ground myself at home, so even if it’s just one room that is set up exactly how I like, that helps me recharge.

What is your most treasured possession?

When I made the big move here years ago, I got rid of all my possessions and let me tell you, it was not easy. That being said, I made little foot moulds of both my boys' feet when they were tiny and I can’t see myself ever being without them. I have them displayed in each of their rooms and love adding touches like that in a kid’s space. 

What is your home ritual for relaxing?

Turning off any bright lights, getting into my comfy clothes and lighting a good candle helps me get into a relaxing mode at home. Our senses are overloaded a lot during the day so I try to do everything I can that will help calm my nervous system. Lighting plays a massive part in telling our bodies to relax. I’m a huge fan of low lighting. Lamps, lamps and more lamps! 

What is the main inspiration behind your designs?

I’m often inspired by elements of nature that help evoke a sense of calm. Life can be really hectic so I always opt for a soothing palette when designing. This doesn’t always need to be light and bright but that’s usually what I’m drawn to most. A play on textures and the use of natural materials often draws me in. 
Striped jute and wool rug
 See how Kate styled the Birch & Ivory Rug at @interiorsbykatehl  on Instagram

Why did you choose Lore Rugs?

We chose Lore Rugs because we knew there were so many options on the site that would fit into our everyday lifestyle. We wanted softness underfoot but a texture that can withstand family life. Having two small children, durability is a must, so The Roots Collection really appealed to us. 

What was your journey in designing the room that your Lore Rug features in?

I chose the Birch & Ivory rug from The Roots Collection for our living space. This room is very generously proportioned so I knew I wanted a large rug to help create a sense of cosiness. We didn’t see the house in time to choose our finishes for flooring and I wanted as much of the grey laminate covered as possible. I’m a huge sucker for a stripe and again, it’s a timeless pattern I knew I wouldn’t tire of.
The eco-friendly jute and cotton in this rug are also great at making the room more inviting. Natural materials are always a go to for my designs so I was thrilled when I spotted this beauty. 
Striped jute and wool rug

What do you consider a timeless interior staple?

For me, timeless interiors include white or ivory walls. They are not tied to one decade and in the right shade, a white-painted wall is the most versatile thing you can add to your home.

Do you have any trend predictions for the year?

I‘m seeing the return of darker woods like walnuts. Darker floors are on the rise and work really well in older homes with lots of period features. Burgundy and dark, rich reds are coming back too. I'm still unsure about this one... but can see a browny red working in a lot of spaces.

What are you looking forward to in 2024?

I have a couple of projects rolling over from last year that I can’t wait to show everyone! They really showcase my love for details and include some really beautiful craftsmanship. I’m taking on lots of lovely new clients as well and the beginning of the year is off to a great start with some blossoming projects.
 If you are embarking on a renovation this year or building your dream home from scratch, Kate is now taking bookings for 2024, learn more here.